Our new 5-song EP "Lifetimes" is OUT NOW - listen below & buy! 



Tour? Right now in the world? Haha, very funny...

We are, however, anxiously awaiting the ability to book more shows, so please stay tuned for dates & info by following us on social media.


You can catch some of our music videos below and on social too til we can get back to live performance. Please support musicians as best you can during this time - you can buy our studio EP on all major music platforms for just 5 bucks.

If you'd like to talk with us about performing at your venue, please send us an email!


"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell." - Carl Jung

We're Keith and Jen Forrester of The Dark & the Light, an Atlanta-based band that's hard to define by genre...but we hope you won't forget our sound once you hear it. We combine fingerstyle-driven guitar, unique vocal harmonies, and ambience for a dynamic spectrum that goes from bare bones exposed vulnerability to rock-like orchestral magnitude and everything in between. True to our name and personalities, our music and lyrics wrestle with the seeming paradoxes of life and how they must co-exist.

We both went through a lot in life before we met and had each given up on the idea of love really existing at all. Life was nothing but work, survival, and single parenting. One of the things we bonded over within the first hour of our first conversation was music. From the days of each of our childhoods, we were steeped in learning, loving, and playing music, and it has been a surreal experience to not only share this vital part of ourselves with each other but also create together from that place. You can expect to be broken at times and built up in others, but we think you'll enjoy the ride.

Stay tuned on social media for tour dates & new music!